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From the natural beauty of New Zealand – the clean air and open spaces – comes a fresh approach to building solutions that inspire us, encourage us, enable us. New Zealand is renown for its innovation and free spirit approach. Our experience tells us that relationships, trust and empathy are huge factors in building success – whatever that looks like to you.   

We bring that freshness, openness and transparency the world expects from New Zealand into every business relationship.  We want you and your customers to experience delight in the solutions we help bring about.  Let us partner with you, to bring a breath of fresh air to your organisation.

Advanced Solutions. Agile Solutions.

Agile / Able to move quickly and easily /

We are passionate advocates of Agile.

Our world is moving faster than ever, change occurs in every aspect of our lives almost daily. We need our organisations, businesses and governments to be able not only to react to these changes but to facilitate them.

Traditional methods, traditional thinking no longer delivers with the speed and flexibility required – Agile thinking helps us to adapt en route to deliver delightful solutions for our end users – customers, citizens, patients.

Agile is no longer a software development tool, it is moving rapidly into all areas of the business world. It is not a new fad that will pass; its root go back more than 50 years and since the beginning of this century has been gaining momentum as organisations see the success it can bring. We are dedicated to helping build delightful solutions, not just software but business practices, government policy development.

We believe that building good relationships with our clients, and the clients of our clients, is key to delivering successful outcomes. The agile principle “people over process” is the essence of our ethos – as they say a good team out performs an excellent product and we strive to build good teams working together to deliver delightful solutions.

What we do

Advanced Solutions Limited has been helping organisations deliver great solutions for over 30 years.  Working with a range of government agencies, large corporate companies, not-for-profits and small start-up entrepreneurs we have a breadth of experience that can be brought into any situation.  We have agile thinking at our heart, we have worked across a range of sectors introducing new solutions and new thinking in such diverse areas as:

  • – Govtech
  • – Startup ventures
  • – Cattle / Deer farming
  • – Hydrographic charting
  • – KiwiSaver
  • – Infrastructure projects
  • – Forestry
  • – Government Policy

Agile Coaching and Mentoring

Agile is easy to do and hard to master. Does your organisation need some help to get your agile teams running smoothly? Have you got problems where your teams aren’t performing the way you thought they should? Do you have scrum masters who are struggling? Often agile teams under deliver because they simply need a boost, some outside influence from people who have been there, done that.

Advanced Solutions is Agile. We can coach teams, mentor individual team members and provide project support to help deliver the best possible outcomes. Don’t let your teams and your productivity suffer when help is at hand. Whether this is a hour of remote mentoring, or regular weekly/monthly onsite coaching, or even embedded into a project team for an extended period; We can help – simply reach out today to discuss what you need.

Our clients include

“The only source of knowledge is experience”

Albert Einstein

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