Blog: Starting out

I’ve been fortunate over the last couple of years to be involved in the Govtech start-up community here in Wellington, New Zealand.

I live in the “land of the long white cloud”, though some might describe the Wellington climate as more grey than white.  It is a country of 10 million cattle, 30 million sheep and less than 5 million people; it is often described as having the  “number 8-wire mentality” which is derived from the innovation and experimentation that early Kiwi’s produced from the humble farm fence wire.

This Number 8-wire mindset has long provided Kiwi’s with the competitive advantage that comes from innovation; the electric fence, the jet boat, bungy jumping and more recently technology start-ups like Xero, Silverstripe and our own space industry Rocket Lab.

I work with innovative entrepreneurs, mostly in the emerging Govtech space. Whilst we see this Number-8 wire mindset making the most from our limited resources, we need to attract more highly qualified individuals and small energetic companies to these fine shores.  New Zealand has the potential to be the test-bed for the world, the pioneering spirit can continue through technology.

Recently, the World Economic Forum released its global competitiveness index for 2017-18.  New Zealand topped the world as the best place to start a business!

We live in interesting times as the old saying goes, but here at the other side of the world we have the opportunity to help shape the future.  It’s good to part of it – can you join in?

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